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How It Works?

Placement Test​

With our Placement Test based on the Agilizer® Maturity Indicator for me, there is an indication for you where to start.

Text and Video

You will learn all about Scrum Masters in our Text and Video Resources.


In our Tutorials and our Interviews you will learn from the insights of all Agilizer® Scrum Master and Coaches.​

PSMI Preparation

The Agilizer® Scrum Master Course prepares you for the agile scrum master certification PSMI exam by We even have a separate section explaining, how you can sign up for a certification.

Weekly Webinars

Our Instructors offer you a meeting once a week where you can state your Questions or listen how the other course participants ask their questions.

Coaching Add-on

If you feel the need of furthermore support, we can offer you to help you in an individual coaching, in your implementation or in live Trainings. For that, check out

You are a Scrum Master and want to enhance your Skills?

We have a lot of advanced topics including e.g. Agile Contracting.

Want to grow into the Agile Scrum Master Role?

The placement test will tell you, which chapter is the right one
to start with.

What you learn about as Agile Scrum Master

  • AMI4me Placement Test
  • Chapter Welcome
  • The Evolution of Agile
  • Agile vs. Traditional Projects
  • Benefits of agile management
  • A Brief History of Agile
  • Agile Manifesto
  • [QUIZ] Agile Project Management Basics
  • Common Misconceptions About Agile
  • Interview: Agile misconcepts and troubleshooting possibilities
  • Lean Principles
  • Agile Apps
  • Risk vs. Impediment
  • [QUIT] Adopting the Agile Approach
  • The Scrum Development Process
  • [QUIZ] The SCRUM Development Process
  • Prioritization Methods
  • User Story
  • Epic
  • User Story Slicing
  • User Story Mapping
  • [QUIZ] Initiation and Requirements Gathering
  • Planning Event
  • Monitoring Sprints
  • Release Planning
  • [QUIZ] Planning and Monitoring Iterations
  • Servant Leadership
  • 5 Phrases of Team Development (Tuckman)
  • [QUIZ] Leading an Agile Team
  • Stakeholders in Agile Teams
  • How can Scrum Masters improve the Engagement of Stakeholders?
  • The Role of Stakeholders
  • [QUIZ] Managing Stakeholder Engagement
  • Testing in Agile
  • [QUIZ] Testing in Agile
  • Agile Contracting
  • [QUIZ] Agile Contracting
  • Tools for Online Moderation of Scrum Events
  • Professional Scrum Master (PSM) I Certification FAQs
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