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Agilizer® Scrum Master

Course Duration: 16h
Enrolled Students:13

About Course

Hello and welcome to our Scrum Masters Learning Journey. Felicia and Finn will guide you through this journey that will enable you to become the most valuable Scrum Master you could be. And on-top: This course prepares you for the professional scrum masters I exam by scrum.org
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What I will learn?

  • The difference between classic and agile project management
  • How to feel Agile
  • Ways to increase your team's motivation
  • The power of Scrum to boost performance
  • How to handle impediments
  • The unavoidable steps required to build an awesome team

Course Curriculum

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Introducing Agile
This chapter will explain what it means to act in an Agile way. You need to embody this set of principles and values in order to be a successful scrum master. Here you’ll learn how Agile emerged, how it differs from traditional ways of managing projects, and the advantages of Agile in today’s workplace. Plus, we’ll debunk a few myths.

The Scrum Development Process
Here is where we lay out the cogs in the machine of Scrum, how to operate it, who does what, and when. It will save you time later if you make sure you get to grips with the basics here, so do take your time, make notes, and regularly refer back to the three pillars of process control and the five values of Scrum, to see how the theory matches up with practise.

User Stories
The set of cards, each with an individual requirement (known as a user story) is at the very heart of Scrum. They are the things that get done. So it’s crucial that you know how to write them, what they do and don’t do, how to split them into smaller pieces, and how to prioritize one set of requirements over another – in order to get a workable release ready on time.

Planning and Monitoring
Here you will learn about the daylong planning event that prepares everyone for the sprint ahead. Then we go over the difference between potential risks and current impediments, and how to deal with them over the course of the sprint. Most importantly of all, we introduce some of the key visualisations and apps that scrum masters use to stay on top of everything.

Leading an Agile Team
This chapter highlights the principles behind ‘servant leadership’ and shows how they’re a great framework from which to approach your scrum team. Then we describe how the stages of Tuckman’s model of team development can serve as a roadmap for building your first scrum team.

Managing Stakeholder Engagement
We have talked about the different roles within a scrum team, but there are plenty of other people involved in the Scrum development process. This chapter lists all the people that have critical roles but are outside the scrum team proper. We also list five tactics to boost stakeholder engagement.

Quality Assurance in Agile Teams
In this chapter, we interview an experienced quality assurance specialist about the best ways to approach QA in a Scrum setting.

Contracting in Agile Projects
In this chapter, we explain how fixed-price and time-and-materials contracts are rarely adequate to keep everything in order on an Agile software development project. We explain both the advantages and the potential pitfalls of an Agile approach.

Certification and other topics
Here are some handy resources, further reading, and some FAQs on the PSM1 qualification. We wish you all the best as your journey as a scrum master continues!

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Target Audience

  • Is Scrum about to be introduced where you work?
  • Maybe you've had no formal training but are already working in a Scrum team or as a scrum master, and are ready to make it official and get certified?
  • Are you looking for ways to better help your colleagues implement Scrum successfully?
  • Are you sick of inefficient meetings?
  • We'll show you how quickly a Scrum event can activate everyone needed for a task, how you can achieve compact, goal-focused results through introducing new levels of transparency and clarity into your project work.
  • Whether you've started on your Scrum journey or it's all new to you, this course will also prepare you for the PSMI certification at scrum.org!